10 Pet Safety Tips For The Fourth Of July


While the Fourth of July is a joyous celebration for Americans, for pets the fireworks are as welcome as a thunderstorm and just as scary. Due to the loud noise caused by fireworks, more pets run off and become lost on July 4 and December 31 than any other days of the year. With a little care and planning, you can protect your pets during this stressful time for them. Here are 10 pet safety tips for the Fourth of July.

1. Keep your pets indoors

If fireworks are being set off in your neighborhood, the sounds will echo everywhere and disorient your pet. Better to just bring them in for the night where they feel safe. Close the curtains. Turn on music or the television. If your pet is especially nervous, put him in the basement. If you don’t have a basement, set up a safe place in the middle of your house. Make sure this safe zone is away from windows where the noise is much less. Make it inviting for pets with a comfy bed and a cozy pile of blankets. Cats and dogs will both love this.

2. Keep tags and microchips up to date:

Sometimes your pets will get out of the house even with your best attempt to keep them there. Hopefully they’ll be able to get home on their own. But if they get picked up by animal control or if a neighbor finds them, having your pets tagged and tracked is the best way to get them back. Sometimes pets can get far away from home in just a short amount of time. Make sure the people who find them will know where they live with up-to-date tags or microchips.

3. Wear pets out before fireworks start

Cats and dogs both do a lot better when they’re too tired to be scared. Take your dog for a walk in the park for some extreme fetch. Or take out the laser pointer and let your cat go wild. Either way, the more tired they are, the greater the chance they’ll be able to sleep through the noise and confusion of firework. Or at least they’ll be be too tired to be anxious.

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